Posted On August 3, 2009

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During 9 months I slept in your womb
with full of patience
with no weariness and complain
you oversee me

with your flowing sweat and tears
with your less breathe
followed by your glorious pray
you gave me one life

you’d teach me a lot of things
recognized me with a life

Now I am grown up
and your age began old
your eyes look very wilt
the wrinkling decorating your face
white hairs grow between your black hairs

Mother… I promise
I will sacrifice everything
for the sake of your happiness
to decorating smile on your lip
to erasing all your sadness
to repay all your tears which ever drop

And let me feel your pain… Mother



By Chance

Posted On July 8, 2009

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We met by chance,
Would we also depart by chance ?

The Chance Is Higher

Love Such as Melody

Posted On July 3, 2009

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Love makes me feel quietness in heart,

Deep silence, but the echoing one,

Melody makes me feel peacefulness in soul,

Deep, peaceful and whispering one,

Although I find myself dejected, gloomy, anxious or even sometimes blithe,

But Love and Melody can overrun them all,

Possibly, Melody is a form of accompanying Love,

Or may be Love flows such as Melody,

Love's Melody

Some one or No one

Posted On July 3, 2009

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Am I “Some One”? Or just “No One”? May be I am ‘Some One”… Who dwells in his dreams… Or may be I am just “No One”… When he wakes up from those dreams… No matter Who am I? But for me, he always is “the one and only one”…

Missing some one